BT Staxio 1.4 τόνων με ενσωμάτωση παλέτας

  • Ανυψωτική ικανότητα
    1400 kg
  • Ύψος ανύψωσης
    5350 mm
  • Τελική ταχύτητα
    6 km/h
  • Smart Truck
    Smart Truck
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BT Staxio 1.4 τόνων με ενσωμάτωση παλέτας

Need a high performance stacking solution to handle different pallet types? Our BT Staxio W-series with straddle support arms has been designed to allow the operator get on with the job at hand – simply and safely. With excellent visibility through the truck mast and intuitive controls, it can be driven with the handle in an upright position for improved manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Κατάλληλες περιοχές: Retail & Supermarkets, Αποθήκες, Βιομηχανία