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Our hand trucks help you handle large palletised good in small spaces where forklifts won’t fit. Not only for moving these pallets from one location to another but also to lift them to a low shelf.
Depending on your needs, you can choose to manually operate a hand pallet truck, but in some cases an electric powered truck is a better option.

Get things done faster

Powered pallet trucks are much easier and faster to operate, since hand pallet trucks can sometimes require more work to move and lift. They can also handle more weight than a regular hand pallet truck, since they are allowed to be loaded closer to their weight capacity.

Travel further

If your warehouse is bigger than average and you need to move more pallets over a larger distance, electric powered trucks will be essential. Loads can then be moved faster over a longer travel distance, which benefits your operation’s productivity and stop your employees getting so tired.

Less effort and healthier employees

Moving goods throughout the warehouse with a powered pallet truck will be less straining on your workers, which contributes to their health. And with less effort needed, anyone, regardless of physical strength or agility, can operate the truck. This lowers the risk of employees getting injured, improving warehouse safety. 

Lift easier

If your operation requires lifting work such as stacking, a powered pallet truck will to the job. It is designed for easy lifting and moving a great deal of pallets, fit for low-level order picking. 

Invest wisely

Even though electric pallet trucks require a larger investment upfront than manual hand pallet trucks, they have a lower acquisition cost compared to other forklifts. Moreover, since less effort from your operator is required, you will be able to move faster and increase your productivity.

Work in all spaces

Powered hand pallet trucks combine the best of both worlds: even though they are faster and more powerful than manual hand pallet trucks, they can still be used in tight areas if necessary. They also offer the same visibility as non-powered hand pallet trucks, which makes locating and retrieving a pallet easy for the operator.

Load & unload

Shipping/receiving docks and trailers might require keeping a fast pace, so in this case you will find a power pallet truck is a better choice. Thanks to the small turning radius of the PPTs, the tight spaces in the lorries won’t be a problem. 

Floor conditions

On smooth and flat surfaces a hand truck works well, but if you have any ramps or inclines a hand pallet truck may be too much strain and can be painful for your operators. In this case, a powered pallet truck will suit you better as it gives you more control of the load, avoiding possible load damages.

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“We have simple needs and the LWE140 is ideal for us."

Gonzalo Torres, warehouse manager
Cooperativa San Rafael (CSR)